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First Things First: Best Practices

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The Best Practice Assessment is an industry-wide standard that all computer networks must be measured against to ensure that each time a change is made to the network, it remains safe and protected. It’s the most secure way to set up any network.

To fully secure your data and run your network smoothly, Best Practices are a must. If you rely on patch repairs, the integrity is compromised, inviting security breaches and system crashes and wreaking havoc on your business and your customers, causing lost opportunities and lost revenues. Without Best Practices, your business is vulnerable to great risks. So we strive to find cost-effective ways to employ best practices so that you don't break the bank—or your business.

There's a Better Way

We once assessed an office that was using 55 disks to back up their data every night. The disks were unlabeled, and prone to scratches, misplacement, and the time-consuming chore of feeding each one into the computer. We recommended switching to an offsite server with an automatic nightly backup, which eliminated the need for someone to manage it physically, and saved several hours each day. Plus it was a heck of a lot more reliable.

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