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Managed Services

How It Works

Managed services plans have become increasingly popular because they make it easy to secure and run your network while controlling your costs and keeping them low. With one of our Managed Service Plans, there are no surprises, just steady, comprehensive support to keep your network running smoothly. You won't incur additional charges if you have a problem—fixes are included in the plan. In fact, we usually identify and solve your problem before you even know you have one.

Companies without a managed services plan can run into trouble when their network or computers malfunction. Recovery of data is extremely expensive—and not always possible. You can count on our team to continually monitor, backup, and restore your data, making data recovery easy and painless. And you won't get hit by the unexpected costs that come along with emergency calls.

Instead, you'll get a Certified Team of experienced engineers deployed just for your unique objectives. Use us as your IT department, without the high costs for employee insurance, salaries, healthcare, taxes, and other expenses—but with the expertise to serve you well, and serve you 24/7.

We offer three options, from Basic to Select to Premium Managed Service programs. Call (800) 582-2105 or email here for pricing information or to schedule your free Mini Risk Assessment.