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Offsite Data Backup

A Home for Your Data

Technicians on staff.

What good is your data if your office goes up in smoke or is damaged by water? Or a disgruntled employee gains access to your network and destroys it? Did you know that approximately 90% of data destruction is done by a disgruntled employee? For safety and redundancy’s sake, it’s important to store copies of your data in a place other than your office.

Short of an “undisclosed location,” we personally inspect and select a home for your data that’s as safe as possible and best meets with your business needs. We partner with companies that guarantee your data is secure by encrypting your data at all times both while it's being transferred and while its stored offsite. All offsite locations are designed to be flood-proof, fireproof, and equipped with climate control, fire suppressor, backup generator, and logs to track the backups. We’ll monitor it remotely to make sure that it’s working correctly. And you can relax, knowing that your data is safe and sound.

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